X-Series Tripods

Fotopro tripods are the #1 choice for
outdoor & adventure photography.

Our tripods have been battle tested in the most rugged places on earth.


Made with the highest quality carbon fiber. Carbon fiber tripods, at aluminum tripod prices!

  • Available in 4 Sizes

    We're happy to offer 4-separate sizes to accommodate your specific needs. X-go mini, X-go, X-go plus, and X-go max.

  • Ball Head Included

    The right ball head makes all the difference. The precision and strength of our ball heads is unrivaled.

  • Tripod/Monopod Convertible

    You can quickly convert the tripod into a monopod by removing one of the tripod legs and attaching the ball head.

  • Included Accessories

    Each tripod includes a mold and fungus resistant carry case that you can confidently use in any environment.

  • Adjustable Leg Positions

    The tripod legs can be adjusted to 3 different positions based on the terrain you're working on: standard, wide, and ultra-wide.

  • Hidden Spikes

    X-Series tripods are ready to handle any environment. The spiked legs will ensure you have stable footing on any surface.

X-Series Dimensions and Specs

Model Material Section Min Height Max Height Folded
Diameter Ball Depth Weight Max Load
X-go mini Carbon Fiber 5-sec 350mm | 13.8" 1440mm | 56.7" 330mm | 13" 22mm 25mm 0.98kg | 2.1 lbs 8kg | 17.6 lbs
X-go Carbon Fiber 4-sec 432mm | 17" 1575mm | 62" 430mm | 16.9" 25mm 30mm 1.51kg | 3.3 lbs 8kg | 17.6 lbs
X-go plus Carbon Fiber 4-sec 467mm | 18.38" 1718mm | 67.63" 475mm | 18.7" 28mm 36mm 1.82kg | 4 lbs 12kg | 26.5 lbs



Some of the very best adventure photographers in the world...

CJ Triebels & Will Bales

"We no longer need multiple tripods (one for photo, one for video). We just use the L-Series for both. It's great!"

CJ is a full-time adventure photographer. He's constantly pushing the limit to see if there is something even grander beyond the next peak. He enjoys capturing landscapes, adventures, and lifestyles in the backcountry. His photography is nothing shy of inspiring.

Will's passion is to tell stories with his camera. He's a creator with an unwavering mission to excite the human spirit. His photos and videos will inspire you to want to head outdoors to do something fun and adventurous.

CJ and his Will filmed the video you see playing below. You should check out their work by visiting Roam Wild.

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