Fotopro is preparing for publishing new products to feedback its fans in Black Friday. We are always pursuing to help people save memorable moments. This two products follows advantages of previous UFO series and change the appearance more fashionable.

We name it rainbow because its beautiful appearance,looks like rainbow. I am sure u will be satisfied with this eye-catching gift we send. U can use this rainbow as kid's toy, selfie stick, and sporting phones holder. Besides its beauty, we qualified its function and make its feet more solid and can be bent and wrapped anywhere u want. In addition, we use spherical cloud deck to guarantee 360 degree prospective. The 1/4" screw guarantees our product is compatible to many kinds of phones and cameras as long as they are loaded 1/4" screw. 

This rainbow also has many benefits waiting u to discover. Are u still waiting? Just log in our website through your email, if u are lucky enough, u will get your "rainbow" for $0!!!