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Fotopro tripods are the #1 choice for
outdoor & adventure photography.

Our tripods have been battle tested in the most rugged places on earth.


Made with high-quality 1K carbon fiber. They're 20% lighter & stronger than other carbon fiber tripods.

Quick Adjust Column

The quick adjust ring on the center column allows you to make height adjustments faster than ever.

3 Angle Options

The tripod legs can be adjusted to 3 different positions based on the terrain you're working on.

Anti Rotation Technology

Designed with anti rotation technology to ensure your camera stays on heading while adjusting the center column.

Hidden Hook

The hidden hook is available when you need it and conveniently out of the way for when you don't.


Each tripod leg has a spike with a rubber cover that is readily available for when you're on icy or slick surfaces.

T-Lock Technology

T-Lock technology allows you to extend or adjust each leg with a mere quarter turn of the adjustment ring.


The ultimate adventure sticks for photo and video use. Quickly convert the head from photo to video mode with a simple turn of the knob.

Photo/Video Mode Knob

The quick adjust ring on the center column allows you to make height adjustments faster than ever.

3 Angle Options

The tripod legs can be adjusted to 3 different positions based on the terrain you're working on.

Damping Knob

The damping knob allows you to easily move the camera without having to waste time adjusting any knobs.

Quick Level Head

Quick level ball-head for instant leveling without having to adjust the legs.

Introducing iSpeedy Technology

Our new patented technology to extend and collapse each section faster than ever before!

Our newest leg extension technology "iSpeedy System" allows you to extend and collapse each section of your monopod / tripod faster than ever. You simply pull the section to the desired length and it stays locked at that position. To collapse, you twist and push each section back into place. It will take you less than a second to fully extend or collapse each section of the tripod or monopod.


Some of the very best adventure photographers in the world...

Keith Ladzinski

"The T-Series tripod is the strongest and most rugged tripod I've ever owned."

Keith is a globally published advertising and editorial photographer, director of photography, documentarian and adventure sports film maker. His work has taken him to the most remote reaches of all 7 continents. He is a highly decorated award winning photographer. The British Journal of Photography named Keith to be among the top four adventure photographers in the world. Keith won the Maggie Award in 2013 for Best Single Editorial Photograph.

Keith is a regular contributor at National Geographic, among other cliental his editorial photography has appeared on the front page of the New York Times, Discover Magazine, Men's Journal, Outside, Runner's World, ESPN, with photos appearing on over 100 covers on magazines globally. He is one of the most saught after photographers in the adventure sports world today!

Who else is using Fotopro gear?

You'll be visually inspired just by looking through their galleries!


It lives deep in your soul...


"This tripod is a very sturdy and well designed. I'm an adventures / hobbyist photographer and I travel a lot to different Countries and I will take this tripod to many places around the world. At first I was thinking between the Gitzo or the Fotopro tripod. I never owned a Gitzo, but I believe this tripod is at least as good as the Gitzo and half of the cost. It weighs 4lb and 5.5 oz ( 1971 Gramm) . It's not that heavy to travel with or carry around."

Istvan F.

"I just want to say I am beyond happy with my tripod, the overall craftsmanship is by far the best tripod I've owned. I've used Manfrotto and Benro and they do not come close. Beside the tripod my shopping experience with your company was wonderful, thank you so much."

Oscar Rivera

Quiet Storm Photos

Mike B.

Olympus Trailblazer
"What an amazing tripod. I was shooting with a fellow Olympus Trailblazer, Alex McClure, when I discovered his tripod. The weight of course is a big draw but the strength and ease of use is the best I have seen. From someone who can appreciate the Shoot Light | Shoot Often theme, this tripod hits the sweet spot."


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